MET Kadri Family Library

The MET Kadri Family Library was officially opened on October 3rd 2009 in the presence of Mr. Salahuddin Kadri and City of Tigard officials in honor of the late Mr. Siraj Kadri, ( رحمة الله عليه  May Allah Bless his Soul ) and the Kadri family of Ahmedabad, India and USA. The MET Kadri Family Library is an integral part of the Education, Outreach, and Interfaith services provided to the community by the Muslim Educational Trust, and it is the first Islamic Resource Center in Portland, Oregon for public community use. It preserves a collection of unique Islamic books, best-seller books, tapes, CDs and DVDs in English, Arabic and multiple languages. The MET Kadri Family Library promotes public awareness of Islam and different cultures, and offers a variety of educational and community programs.

Over the years, since its establishment, the MET Library has been a welcome and much-needed asset to the community. It contains a vast collection of books and resources that have been donated over time by members of our beloved community.

The MET Library project would not have been possible without the help and support of the following individuals:

  • Sister Hassina, Bill Narain, and Ashiq Khan for manufacturing the 1st custom-made shelving for the MET library
  • Sister Aseel Nassir Dyck, PSU Retired Librarian and member on the MET Local Advisory Board, for her ongoing coaching and sharing of her vast experience and knowledge
  • Sister Shazia Qureshi, Sister Lubna Khan, Sister Sahar Bassyouni, Sister Fatima Albar for their tireless efforts to organize and catalog the books into the Library Automation Software
  • Al-Kadri Family, represented by Mr. Salahuddin Kadri, for their financial donations to upgrade the Library Automation software, the new Library shelving, as well as additional library resources

A heartfelt thank you to everybody who took part in shaping this very important project, and helping to make it a reality, especially to the families of the Late Dr. Noury Al-Khalidy and Dr. Hossam Toulan for donating their rare and valuable collections. Special thanks also goes out to Ms. Shaheena and Mr. Safwat Wingatepearse for their generous donation of a rare Braille Qur'an; Our library is one of a few libraries in the nation that possess one.

It is our honor and pleasure that the MET Kadri Family Library is a beacon of light for our community as well as an outlet for our youth to get together to celebrate the release of a new book, enjoy book club meetings with the author of the book, or to attend an Islamic art exhibit.

مكتبة آل قادري MET Kadri Family Library Rules

Library Cards/Patron Account

Your MET Kadri Family Library card is your passport to using and benefiting from all the resources. You can also browse our online database, place holds on books or materials, cancel holds or renew your borrowed material from home. Your MET Kadri Family Library card opens the door to a world of information and entertainment. Use your card to check out a wide variety of materials and to access the Internet from library computers. With your library card number, you can also access the library catalog from your home, office, or school computer.


MET Kadri Family Library cards are available free of charge to all currently enrolled students and parents of the Islamic School of MET (ISMET) and Oregon Islamic Academy (OIA). Patrons who live in the Portland area can have a library card for an Annual Use Fee of $25.00. To apply for a card, complete an application and present it at the Circulation Desk with identification and proof of address, such as a state-issued driver’s license or a printed check. A credit card also needs to be presented at the time of registration.

With your library card, you will have full access to the library and its resources.

Patron Responsibilities

All patrons are responsible for returning borrowed items by the due dates and for paying all accrued fines on late, damaged or lost items. Please be sure to call the library immediately if your library card is lost or stolen, since you are responsible for all items checked against your card until we are notified and can block your card against unauthorized use. Patrons are also responsible for notifying the library of any change of their address, telephone number, or contact information.

Membership needs to be renewed annually for continued enrollment and uninterrupted use of the library and its resources. If you wish, your credit card may be charged annually for the membership renewal fee.

مكتبة آل قادري    MET Kadri Family Library

10330 SW Scholls Ferry Road, Tigard, OR 97223, Tel.: (503) 579-6621, Fax: (503) 590-0201, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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