Portrait of a Prophet Weekend Conference at MET


A Weekend Conference On God's Beloved
January 19 - 21, 2018 | Limited Space
Muslim Educational Trust: 10330 SW Scholls Ferry Road, Tigard, OR 97223

Muslim Educational Trust invites you to the 5-speaker Portrait of a Prophet weekend conference by CelebrateMercy in Portland. This is a life-changing journey through 400 hadiths on the Prophet's inner and outer beauty. Recent Portrait of a Prophet conferences have had huge audiences. Earlier this year, it was sold out in Arizona with 200 attendees and, in October, it was packed in Virginia with over 300 attendees.

About the Conference 

Guest teachers will take students on an spiritual journey exploring Prophet Muhammad's ﷺ inner and outer beauty. From Friday night to Sunday, immerse yourself in the entire book of Imam Tirmidhi: a book of 400 hadiths describing the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

This program explores the persona of the Prophet, covering his family life, social interactions, physical appearance, worship, and final moments. By the end of the conference, students fall deeply in love with the Prophet - forever painting his portrait in their hearts. The conference contains 15 hours of lessons, interspersed with poetry (nasheeds) of love for the Prophet ﷺ. See an example of the schedule from a recent Portrait conference here.

All 400 hadiths are presented on slides in Arabic and English. There is beautiful commentary on many hadiths - with lessons for our own lives. Teachers also share touching lessons from the Prophet's life. Between sessions, the renowned Syrian munshid Mouaz Al-Nass will sing moving poetry of love for the Prophet. In Sunday's final session, a formal ijaza is signed for each student: a traditional completion certificate that has been given to students of the book for 1,000 years since Imam Tirmidhi's time.

Developing Affordable Housing in Portland

Monday, December 11, 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Muslim Educational Trust: 2nd Floor Al-Andalusia Hall
10330 SW Scholls Ferry Road, Tigard, OR 97223

Join us for an engaging discussion about developing affordable housing from the perspective of a non-profit housing development corporation. Our keynote speakers will be Rachael Duke, Executive Director of Community Partners for Affordable Housing; and Amanda Saul, Housing Development Consultant.

Sponsored By MET Professional Network (MPN)

Community Partners for Affordable Housing (CPAH) was founded in 1993 by faith-based organizations in the Tigard and Tualatin area to address the need of people experiencing housing instability and homelessness. Today CPAH is a non-profit (501 C 3) community housing development organization that provides 372 units of affordable housing in Washington County (primarily Tigard and Beaverton) and Southwest Portland. CPAH is known for creative, sustainable and beautiful developments. CPAH also provides resident services, including youth services, services for seniors aging in place, partnerships with agencies that support our most vulnerable residents, eviction prevention and housing stabilization. CPAH is part of the housing advocacy community in Washington and Multnomah counties and works to educate our community on the need for housing affordability as a key component of a resilient community. And CPAH is absolutely committed to managing our assets as the precious resources that they are for the long term.

Press Release: First MET Student Admitted to Harvard University

Press Release: Oregon Islamic Academy Senior, Ibrahim Ibrahim (Class of 2018), First MET Student Admitted to Harvard University in Fall 2018

Tigard, Oregon, USA ­12/15/2017 - On behalf of the Muslim Educational Trust Board of Trustees, Board of Directors, and Staff, we wish to extend our warmest congratulations to Oregon Islamic Academy Senior student, Ibrahim Ibrahim (Class of 2018), for being MET's First Student to be admitted to Harvard Class of 2022 under the Early Action program. Praise be to Allah, this is a huge milestone and a unique accomplishment for our Oregon Islamic Academy High School that celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year.