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For the past 25 plus years, the Muslim Educational Trust (MET) has been diligently serving our greater Portland community. MET provides services that include five daily prayers, offering notary public services, holding monthly forums and potluck dinners, coordinating and giving cultural competency presentations about Islam and Muslims, providing marriage and funeral-related services, sponsoring college scholarships, positively integrating newcomer families, and building relationships with interfaith, nonprofit, and governmental partners. The Muslim and non-Muslim populations we serve, both community-wide and within our full-time Islamic School, span 40+ different ethnic backgrounds thus reflecting the beautiful diversity of our humanity.

  • $50/Month

    Offset operating expenses

  • $100/Month

    Offsets operation costs of the Wudu areas and Masjid Lady Khadijah

  • $150/Month

    Offsets operation costs of the MET Library and Shared Spaces

  • $200/Month

    Offsets operation costs of the MET Full-time Islamic School

  • $260/Month

    Sponsors a prayer space in Masjid Lady Khadija

When you support MET

  • You become part of the success and thriving of our community
  • You become part of the solution; you become a stakeholder in building bridges of compassion and understanding
  • You become instrumental in developing our future generations of young leaders
  • ... You become part of the solution