Story of Masjid Lady Khadijah

In Honor of Lady Khadijah, peace be upon her, and the wonderful example she set forth for our Mothers, Wives, Sisters, and Daughters, the Muslim Educational Trust declared its Masjid, Masjid Lady Khadijah. May the legacy of Lady Khadijah live on, and may our sisters draw strength, compassion, and perseverance from her life and the great example she set forth to womankind and the world!

The FIVE daily prayers are held at the MET Center's Masjid Lady Khadijah.

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Our Imam is Brother Mohamed Elebaid

The life of Lady Khadijah, peace be upon her, exemplified in every sense of the word the ethos of a sincere and well-committed wife, mother, and citizen of this Ummah. Rain or shine, in times of abundance and in times of hardship, Lady Khadijah, peace be upon her, would give selflessly to support Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him, to support her family, and to support the whole Muslim community. She renewed her commitment every day by enduring relentlessly, persevering, exercising patience and compassion, and loving and supporting the Prophet unconditionally. She was a source of healing and strength to those around her; her presence was greatly felt and made an immense difference for her family and her community: believing in the Prophet when no one did; embracing the message of Islam and living it as only the first Muslim woman can. Lady Khadijah's level of commitment and support never wavered no matter how tough it got. She was always there: strong, dedicated, loyal, sincere, and true to the cause of Allah swt. Throughout her life, she remained steadfast in her faith and her service to the community; every minute of the day, she was on duty, at the back and call of the Prophet, peace be upon him, her children, and her community.
May Allah swt bless our mothers, bless our sisters, bless our wives, and bless our daughters for being our pillars of support day in and day out; for being amazing human souls with a strong conviction and and a solid commitment to fulfill the promise and follow in the example of Lady Khadijah, peace be upon her always and forever.