Capital Campaign Committee

Responsible for raising funds for the construction of the MET Community and Educational Center. It is responsible to brainstorm potential grants and individual donors and foundations to approach, and make recommendations for the best strategies to use in approaching them to ensure positive results. Members of this committee are also responsible for establishing contact with these potential donors and foundations, and tapping into the network of connections they personally have to get the word out to best solicit funds for our project.

  • Mr. Salahuddin Kadri President, i-TEN Associates
  • Mr. Sho Dozono President, Azumano Travel
  • Mr. Wajdi Said MET President and Co-Founder
  • Mr. Belal Alkhatib Owner, Oasis Restaurant
  • Mr. Anwar Bashar C.P.A. Partner, Bashar & Johnson
  • Ms. Laila Cully Business Finance Officer, Oregon Economic & Community Development
  • Ms. Marion Dawan Educator and Community Leader
  • Mr. Lawrence de Block President, de Block Landscaping
  • Ms. Nikki Hatton Attorney at Law and Shareholder, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt
  • Dr. Waleed Qaisi Radiologist
  • Sr. Mollie Reavis SNJIM, Former Principal, St. Mary's Academy
  • Dr. Don Riggs Retired VP of Development, Portland State University
  • Mr. Ned Rosch Consultant
  • Mr. Mark Rosenbaum Maging Parnter, Rosenbaum Financial
  • Ms. Neehaz Sohail MET Local Advisory Board Member
  • Mr. Bashar Wali President, Provenance Hotels
  • Dr. Birol Yesilada Political Science Professor, Portland State University
  • Mr. Fares Zghoul Businessman
  • Ms. Rania Ayoub MET Director of Public Relations


Technical Committee

Oversees the technical aspects of the construction of the MET Community and Educational Center. Its goal is to see the project through from concept to design and implementation. Details tended to include architectural design to meet desired function, structural, mechanical, and civil engineering, electricity, plumbing, as well as meeting the city requirements and obtaining the required permits through project completion and delivery of a turn-key center.

  • Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed Treeline Designz
  • Ms. Rania Ayoub MET Director of Public Relations
  • Mr. Faez Soud MET Community Center Project Manager
  • Mr. Maqsood Chaudhary CH2M Hill
  • Mr. Lawrence de Block de Block Landscaping
  • Ms. Fouad Elghrabli Landscape Architect
  • Ms. Stephanie Guediri City of Sherwood
  • Mr. Mazen Jallad NW Pyramids
  • Mr. Salahuddin Kadri ValueCAD
  • Mr. Brad Kilby City of Sherwood
  • Mr. Ejaz Khan Clarke County
  • Mr. Nauman Quraishi City of Portland
  • Mr. Wajdi Said MET President and Co-Founder
  • Mr. Jahed Sukhun Oregon Food Bank
  • Mr. Rebai Tamerhoulet STC Engineers
  • Mr. Ibrahim Turki Washington County
  • Mr. Bashar Wali Provenance Hotels
  • Mr. Mozafar Wanly Good Samaritan Hospital
  • Mr. Hamoudi Zouyed NBZ Engineers
  • Ms. Nadia Zouyed NBZ Engineers


Outreach Committee

Community support is integral and vital to the success of a community-based organization. The goal of this vibrant committee is to promote our services to the public and engage them in our youth and outreach programs. This is done through a variety of annual and biannual events that bring our community together, both Muslim and non-Muslim, young and old, conservative and liberal to a common middle ground and medium that is enjoyable by all and conducive to sharing experiences, learning from one another, and building bridges of mutual respect and understanding.

The Outreach Committee is responsible for overseeing, planning, and implementing outreach, interfaith, and youth activities that advance the cause of the organization. Sample events include the monthly forum, the informal speakers bureau, and annual programs such as a family conference, a book fair, an auction/awards/ appreciation night, a cultural night and fundraising dinner, in addition to workshops in different areas, such as parenting, business entrepreneurship, citizenship, teacher training, etc. to address the present needs of the community.

  • Ms. Rania Ayoub Co-Chair
  • Mr. Mohamed Alyajouri Co-Chair
  • Mr. Jawad Khan Member
  • Ms. Faiza Noor Member
  • Mr. Wajdi Said Member
  • Ms. Homa Miazad Member
  • Ms. Ayah Fattom Member
  • Ms. Sophia Kinhnarath Member


Scientific Achievement Committee

Comprised of staff members, parents, and community members who are specialized in the areas of Science, Math, and Technology, this committee sets our students up for success for overlooking the Science and Math curriculum at ISMET/OIA and making recommendations for hands-on learning and opportunities for growth and critical thinking skills that are necessary to succeed in today's world.

  • Ms. Birgul Acar
  • Ms. Fatima Albar Ph.D. Candidate ETM Program
  • Ms. Nura Almagbari Science Teacher
  • Ms. Umber Almakky Parent
  • Ms. Sahar Bassyouni ISMET / OIA Director
  • Mr. Mohamed Elebaid OIA Teacher
  • Dr. Bill Lamb Head of Science Dept, Oregon Episcopal School
  • Mr. Steve Johnson OIA Teacher
  • Dr. Faiza Kareem MD
  • Mr. Wesam Khalil INTEL
  • Mr. Jawad Khan OIA Teacher and College Counselor
  • Dr. Nadjoua Moumen INTEL
  • Ms. Patty Maazouz PCC


High School Committee

Comprised of education professionals in the community who have been in the field for 20+ years, this committee was instrumental in establishing the foundation of our Oregon Islamic Academy High School program. From credits to course offerings to extracurricular programs to college counseling and college prep, this committee established a solid program that would proud generations of 12th grade graduates.

  • Dr. Jan Abu-Shakrah Portland Community College
  • Ms. Julie Ahmed Veteran MET Teacher
  • Mr. Jim Hanna CFO, Hanna Development Inc.
  • Mr. Jawad Khan Veteran MET Teacher
  • Sister Mollie Reavis SNJM, Former Principal, St. Mary’s
  • Mr. Wajdi Said MET President and Co-Founder


Financial Committee

Responsible for accounting and book-keeping of MET financial statements, as well as employee payroll/taxes and interviewing and hiring new staff members and teachers. It is also responsible for overseeing MET endowment funds, monitoring their growth, and ensuring the investment venues, guidelines, and overall strategy are shariah-compliant and meet the intended goals and the present need. It is also responsible for establishing a sound and sizeable endowment toward long-term sustainability of the organization. Additionally, this committee oversees various options for long-term giving and estate planning that will provide long-term and ongoing financial support to MET.

  • Ms. Rania Ayoub MET Director of Public Relations
  • Mr. Anwar Bashar C.P.A. Partner, Bashar & Johnson
  • Ms. Sahar Bassyouni ISMET/OIA Director
  • Mr. Salahuddin Kadri President, i-TEN Associates
  • Mr. Wajdi Said MET President and Co-Founder
  • Mr. Bashar Wali President, Provenance Hotels