Words From Our Founders

In 1993, MET was founded with the dream to help create an open, empowering, and collaborative atmosphere within the Muslim community in the greater Portland area. Over the years, MET has made significant strides in the development of Portland‘s Islamic-based education. MET ’s focus on education through positive interaction with Muslims and non-Muslims and honest communication with the media and public officials has positively impacted not only the people of Portland, but well beyond our local area.

The greatest impact has been on a core group of students who have spent their formative years at the Islamic School of MET and Oregon Islamic Academy. These students have grown to be successful academically, but more importantly, become the embodiment of what it means to be a confident, active, believing, and practicing young American Muslim. In shaa Allah, it will be these very same students who grow into leadership roles in the coming years and help lead our community to be in the vanguard of those who engage in bridge-building dialogue, faith-based community service, and stewardship of Earth and humanity. - Vision Statement by Co-Founders of the Muslim Educational Trust: Mr. Ayoob Ramjan, Ms. Gail Ramjan, and Mr. Wajdi Said.


Mr. Ayoob Ramjan


Ms. Gail Ramjan


Mr. Wajdi Said

Our Mission

The Muslim Educational Trust (MET) was founded in 1993 with a mission to enrich the public’s understanding of Islam and dispel common myths and stereotypes, while serving the Muslim community’s educational, social, and spiritual needs in order to develop generations of proud and committed Muslims who will lead our community to the fore front of bridge building dialogue, faith-based community service, and stewardship of Earth and humanity.

To accomplish this mission Muslim Educational Trust:

  • Presents public lectures about Islam to educate both Muslims and Non-Muslims.
  • Establishes interfaith dialogue to open channels of communication with people of different faiths.
  • Operates an informal speakers bureau.
  • Educates local news organizations for non-biased news coverage.
  • Publishes a quarterly newsletter, Al-Hewar.
  • Coordinates communication between Muslim organizations, Islamic Centers, and the community.
  • Operates a full-time licensed and accredited Islamic school, (Pre-K - 5th: Islamic School of MET - ISMET and 6th-12th: Oregon Islamic Academy - OIA) as well as a Weekend Islamic School.
  • Is the co-founding member of the following Interfaith Organizations: Institute for Christian Muslim Understanding (ICMU), Arab-Jewish-Muslim Dialogue, Interfaith Council of Greater Portland (ICGP), and Between Women Interfaith Group.