Welcome to the Muslim Educational Trust - MET

The Muslim Educational Trust was founded in 1993 in response to the community's needs in the Portland area. These needs for education about Islam were generated by the Muslim community as well as the Non-Muslim community.

Muslim Educational Trust is dedicated to the betterment of our society, and strives to achieve its purpose through education, cooperation, networking, and programs which benefit Muslims and non-Muslims in the greater Portland, Oregon.

Swimming Lessons for All Ages

Group Lessons - All Ages
Water Aerobic
Lessons Begin: September 26th- Registration Deadline: September 23rd

MET Swimming Pool
10330 SW Scholls Ferry Road
Tigard, OR 97223

The Muslim Educational Trust is glad to announce its New Swimming Program! Come and enjoy lessons in our unique, private, 3-lane, 25-yard, heated indoor swimming pool! Our swimming lessons are designed for all ages. Semi-private and private lessons are also available. We also offer Water Aerobics! Join our swimming lessons for life-long safety, fitness and enjoyment! 8 Lessons every month! Weekday and weekend options! All Lessons are 30 minutes long.

Urban Forestry Job Training

Application Deadline: September 15th 2016

Tualatin Riverkeepers, Centro Cultural, Muslim Educational Trust, and Oregon Community Trees would like to announce an exciting new jobs training opportunity for our community. In Fall of 2016 we will launch an introductory training for jobs in environmental careers, specifically for Urban Forestry. Urban Forestry is the study of designing, installing, and managing trees in an urban and semi-urbanized landscape.

Urban Foresters are jobs that are in demand because small and large businesses as well as cities and public agencies employ urban foresters to design and install trees on their properties. This includes restaurants, corporate industrial facilities, malls and city parks to name a few.

Job Trainings: trainings will be structured around a group of 10 students competitively chosen from community consultations facilitated by Centro Cultural and Muslim Educational Trust (MET). 5 students will be trained at Centro Cultural in October/November and 5 students will be trained at MET simultaneously. Trainings will give students knowledge of diverse job skills needed in Urban Forestry while also giving them exposure to experts in urban forestry who will present lectures and offer good networking connections for students.

Courses will be taught from 6-8 pm weekly during October and November 2016 and students will be reimbursed $10/hour for attendance at these trainings. This will be followed-up by 100 hours paid on the job training intended to apply skills learned with employers Fall 2016/Winter 2017. Transport stipends for buses to training will also be considered.

Qualifications: The training program is open to anyone above 18 years old, with a preference for older adults in career transition looking to work in the environmental field or urban forestry. The program is particularly suitable for those with an interest in science, engineering, agriculture, nurseries, landscape architecture and botany. It is hoped that eventually some of the participants will explore college degrees (2 and 4 year) at local schools based on completing the course work. For example, PCC Rock Creek has a Landscape Technology 2 year degree that is related to this training and will make candidates for the program more competitive. Partners are working on getting credit at PCC Rock Creek for this training and all course participants will receive a certificate detailing their training signed by partners Tualatin Riverkeepers, Oregon Community Trees, Centro Cultural, and Muslim Educational Trust.

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Our Youth, Our Future


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Alhamduillah, we raised $340,000 during our Annual Fundraising Dinner and Ramadhan Campaign. We are still short $270,000 (for outreach, operation/maintenance, and education).
It takes generous individuals from our beloved community at large to bridge that annual deficit and to help keep the Muslim Educational Trust engaged. There is nothing better than you, MET believers, helping the American Muslim community positively integrate.

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